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Quintic Software

Quintic software is fully supported by Microsoft Windows Ten, Eight and Seven operating systems (Parallels Desktop for Mac).
Quintic software is modular with each version assuming all characteristics of the previous level.
This table is a summary of the features of the different Quintic v29 Software Products.

Quintic v29 Features Biomechanics Coaching Sports Quintic Player
Microsoft Windows Ten, Eight and Seven operating systems (including Parallels Desktop for Mac)
Increased video format compatibility with the latest digital cameras
Play slow motion loop and frame-by-frame advance
Playback speed – Change playback speed mid-video
Flip and rotate videos
Memo Pad - Create notes and comments
Zoom tool (of up to x 3.0 magnification)
10 key frame markers
8 key frame markers
Stopwatch - Measure time between markers (6 decimal places)
*/** 21-day software registration : Some features are disabled / restricted during the trial
Printable PDF and video tutorials available online
URL feature - stream videos from a web server for instant use and storage
Drawing tools - Straight lines, arrows, circles, curves shapes and text
* Video Calibration - Measure a distance
Video Calibration – Enter a frame rate (fps) without recalibration of distance
* Audio Memo - Record voice commentary onto a video file for future playback and analysis
Calculate angles - Horizontal, vertical, intersection and freehand
Floating toolbars: Available for markers, shapes and angles
Photo Sequence - 1 - 4 - 6 - 9 -12 or 18 image sequences (*.bmp*.jpg) - multi sequence
Video Overlay - Play 2 videos on top of each other
Video Blend - Fade between multiple background and foreground images
Trim In/Trim out feature – Make a new video from the main window; choose video codec for compression of new video; edit video length.
* Quintic Capture - Single Camera Capture (50/60 fps)
* Quintic Capture - Video Filters : Brightness, contrast, flip, watermark, text and logo image
* Quintic Capture - Quintic Editor - Trim, crop, filter and save videos
* Quintic Capture - Quintic Instant Capture (25/30 fps)
* SINGLE Quintic USB3 / GigE LIVE High-Speed Camera Capture (80 - 500 fps)
Up to SIX viewing windows for video playback and analysis (up to 4 in Coaching)
Synchronised playback of up to 4 videos (up to 6 in Biomechanics)
* Quintic Instant Email - Synchronise with Outlook Express / Live Mail or SMTP website servers
* Quintic CD and USB copy - copy analysed videos straight to CD or USB memory device
Video Flip - mirror image (view a left handed athlete from a right handed perspective)
* Export Analysis - Create a new *.avi video (including text, lines, angles, digitisation and traces...)
Export Analysis – choice of codec for compression of exported video file
* DUAL Quintic USB3 / GigE LIVE High-Speed Camera Capture (80 - 500 fps)
* Multi Quintic Capture - Quintic LIVE Multi Capture (50/60 fps)
** 2-point 2D manual, automatic and intelligent digitisation : Measure velocities and accelerations
1-point 2D manual and automatic digitisation: Measure velocities and accelerations
** 1-point 2D manual and automatic digitisation : Measure velocities and accelerations
** Display a single point digisitaion trace on a video
** Split-screen animation window
** Single video linear analysis of 1-point digitised videos : Interactive graphical and data displays
** Multi video linear analysis : 2 Point (Two Averages - confidence and prediction intervals)
** Multi video analysis – Horizontal axes can be set to frame number/time/relative frame number/relative time; Vertical axes can be manually altered
** Export single and multi video analysis data to Microsoft Excel
** Butterworth filters for data smoothing. Increased cut-off frequency for high frame rate videos
* Zoom function during manual / automatic digitisation - Increased accuracy of data collection
* Horizontal vertical and diagonal calibration - Increased accuracy of data collection
* MULTI Quintic High-Speed Capture: Synchronise SIX GigE/USB3 LIVE cameras
Automatic synchronisation of up to SIX multi-capture videos - one click PLAYS all!
* Quintic Biomechanics exported data can then be used in bolt on Quintic Automatic Reports - Cycling Equine, Golf Putting & Gait Analysis…
** Up to 21-point manual and automatic digitisation
1,2 and 3 point and selected gait, golf (putting), equine and cycling template intelligent digitisation – automatically detects, interpolates and re-finds lost markers
** Display digitisation traces of up to 21-points on a video including split-screen animation window
** Event Markers - Highlight points on graphical displays
** Single video analysis - Linear and angular - Interactive graphical and data displays
** Multi video analysis – Two Averages, confidence and prediction intervals up to 21 points
** Multi angular video analysis – Averages, confidence and prediction intervals up to 10 angles
** Centre of Mass Model - 18 point anatomical model (Male & Female models)
** CSV File Intergration - Synronise *.CSV file with video (Force Plates / EMG / Power Crank...)

* Not available in the 21-Day Free Trial Version of Quintic Software

** Functions can be used/displayed whilst using your 21 day trial software, only if you have opened a Quintic sample video. These are included in the download with the 21-day trial install shield program. These videos have already been digitisied for you to see the analysis features within the Biomechanics and Coaching software. To use these functions with your own video files, you will require the fully licensed version.

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