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Quintic Coaching

Quintic Coaching v33

  • Quintic Coaching is a aimed at the experienced coach, podiatrist, physio or athlete. It includes all the functionality of Quintic Sports plus:
  • 2-point 2D Intelligent,  Automatic & Manual Digitisation – Measure Linear Velocities & Accelerations
  • The Intelligent tracking of upto 2 markers: The Intelligent tracking will automatic determine where the markers are at the start of the video, and then automatically interpolate the missing gaps. This will vastly reduce the processing time time required for the digitisation process for videos where the markers regularly go out the field of view. The intelligent tracking software also allows the user greater flexibility in setting the parameters for the digitisation (e.g. masking reflections in the background, specifying the search area for the digitisation, setting the radius of the markers and setting the brightness of the markers).
  • Double averaging for multi-trial analysis: add two different averages for multiple videos. This will then enable you to complete the analysis of multiple trials for the right compared to the left leg/arm or for trials before an intervention versus trials after an intervention. Multi video analysis (Averages, confidence and prediction intervals).
  • Multiple angled analysis for a single video: plot both angle to the vertical and horizontal on the same graph.
  • Quintic USB3/GigE (upto2) LIVE High-Speed Camera – can be captured at frame rates of 80-1000 fps
  • Quintic Single & Dual Mini DV Capture (50/60fps)
  • Automatic synchronisation of up to two high-speed capture videos together!
  • Export Avi – create your own video with lines, shapes and angles
  • Create an ‘Intersection’ angle in the drawing tools.
  • Flip / Mirror image windows
  • Copy videos directly to a CD or USB Memory device
  • Send videos instantly via email
  • Distribution of videos files for remote viewing in The ‘Quintic Player’
  • Split-Screen animation window
  • Interactive graphical and data displays
  • Export all data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis
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