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Today’s Golfer Magazine What’s the best putter face to help you hole more? We tested this year’s most popular models on a Quintic Ball Roll system to find out. Virtually every new putter launched comes with the promise of better roll. Whether the improvement comes from face grooves, a new insert or milling pattern, the designer’s intention is always to reduce the amount putts skid, impart more top spin …

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Modern Golf When it comes to putting, everyone thinks they’re an expert. At least once, we have all been told what we were doing wrong on the putting green and how we SHOULD fix it. We see this universally — most golfers want to help other golfers get better. But are they really helping, and is the information they’re sharing accurate? The truth is, without quantifying the given information, …

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Today’s Golfer Tour coach who adopts a scientific approach to the putting stroke “I first got interested in putting at university, using high-speed cinematography (no fancy cameras back then!) looking at impact with drivers and ball. I also looked at wedges and putters… it amazed me how little time the golf ball is in contact with the putter – 0.000125 seconds (filmed at 20,000 frames per second). Believe it …

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Golf World Issue 11 Vol 54 p96-99 "Purists call them ugly; designers call them progressive. Either way, extravagant putter designs are here to stay. But exactly how are those increasingly bizarre head shapes supposed to help us hole more putts? Duncan Lennard has the answers."

Golf International Magazine - "Quantifying the relative and conflicting effects of putter path and face angle on the direction and motion of the golf ball" - that was our goal in producing a research document based on our own extensive testing : Dr Paul Hurrion & Jim MacKay

Golf World – If you thought that launch angles and spin rates were the sole territory of woods and irons, then think again. Even when it comes to the humble putter, faults and fixes become clear when dipping into the world of science and technology. Dr Paul Hurrion employs both via his Quintic system, used to help many of today’s tour players sharpen up their skills on the …

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Golf International Magazine – Following last month’s putting instruction featuring Dr Paul Hurrion’s work with Rory McIlroy, we focus on how the same coach’s Quintic Ball Roll putting analysis system is now guiding regular golfers – as well as tour stars – to the correct specifications and stroke. Dominic Pedler reports on the ultimate launch monitor for your putting. “Putting is an art not a science,” claims Ben …

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Out of one of the foremost biomechanics software laboratories comes a world first. The New Quintic Ball Roll System gives putting coaches and putter custom-fit professionals the kind of analysis tool they’ve never had before. What it means is that golfers need never be uncertain of the performance of their putters again. The Quintic Ball Roll software tracks the ball for the first 12″ of the putt. It then …

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GOLF INTERNATIONAL MAG.COM – 150th Open Championship Souvenir Edition Quintic Ball Roll is the brainchild of internationally recognised Sports Biomechanist Dr Paul Hurrion (perhaps best known as Padraig Harrington’s trusted putting advisor and biomechanics analyst over the past six years). He works with many other Tour golfers including Rory McIlroy, Oliver Wilson, Paul McGinley, Robert-Jan Derksen (featured here) and Lee Westwood. He has also applied his top level skills, …

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