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Quintic Consultancy Ltd specialises in Premier Sports Biomechanics Video Analysis Software, Sports Biomechanics & Performance Analysis Consultancy. It is through our extensive biomechanics consultancy and constant liaison in the fields of elite sport, physiotherapy, podiatry and education that our three levels of premier sports video analysis software systems have evolved. It is this unique contact that allows us to produce easy to use, market leading software systems that specialise in 2D Biomechanical Analysis.

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Quintic Consultancy YouTube Channel containing numerous captured putt analysis videos.

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The Academy was opened in November 2011. A beautiful, modern equipped indoor space with lots of high-tech equipment and two different putting greens where top golfers can improve their putting. The Academy was born from a joint venture between European Tour Professional golfer, Robert-Jan Derksen and putting coach Dr Paul Hurrion. The National Golf Federation of Holland has established a partnership with The Academy, which the NGF hires a substantial portion of the available hours. The Academy is located in Nunspeet, Holland.

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The SaundersRodgers Performance Golf Academy is .all about the Player. We believe that in order to promote development in the strongest way, it is essential to experience one-to-one coaching whenever possible. Through an in-depth planning and goal-setting process, the Player gives valuable insight into their golfing past, an important link to creating a blueprint for success in their future. The story of our Logo, and a story about Synergy and Leadership provide great insight into our beliefs and philosophies. The Academy Coaches are committed to providing innovative, leading-edge coaching and cultivating an environment that ensures the Player the best opportunity to reach their goals in golf and in life. With industry-leading technology, spectacular facilities, and an extensive network of consultants and mentors close at hand on our Advisory Board, the SaundersRodgers Performance Golf Academy is the perfect place to help take your game to the next level.

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Modern Golf is Canada’s premier golf club-fitting facility. with a brand agnostic approach to club-fitting, a 13,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility including PGA Tour caliber workshop, Modern Golf can provide a demonstration improvement to your golf game. Regardless of your age, gender, or skill level, our highly trained club fitters and experienced club builders can custom tailor your golf equipment to produce improved on-course results.

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Reading 3D data on your putting stroke and ball roll, Quintic is a complete solution for putter fitting and instruction. The flagship location for Catalyst Golf, The Lincoln Park Performance Center, Chicago, USA truly has everything a golfer would need to improve their game under one roof.

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Pebble Beach Golf Academy & Practice Facility, the world’s premier golf instruction and practice experience. Located on California’s beautiful Monterey Peninsula, the Pebble Beach Golf Academy & Practice Facility features internationally renowned golf instructors, state-of-the-art golf-swing technology and cutting-edge training facilities. An invaluable resource for golf professionals, groups both large or small, and individual golfers of every skill level. The Pebble Beach Golf Academy & Practice Facility is dedicated to bringing out the best in you and your golf game with a 3,000-square-foot golf learning center, three instruction studios, including full swing analysis technology, putting stroke analysis technology and club fitting systems. 3D motion capture analysis, HD video analysis, Quintic putting stroke analysis system and indoor golf simulator…

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The Performance Custom Club Builder : We utilize the latest in science and technology to build precise custom-fit golf clubs. We will build a brand new set from scratch or maximize the performance of your existing clubs.

Gott Golf Putter Coaching: In the studio we have advanced camera technology that helps us to measure all the important aspects of a putting stroke.

  • Using Quintic camera technology, we are able make adjustments to the putter and to the golfer’s putting stroke to optimize performance on the green.
  • We measure progress over time to make further adjustments. With practice, this has been a proven technique for actually shaving strokes off golfers’ games – even for professionals!

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Odyssey Works: Feel Meets Roll Like Never Before… proves just how obsessed and relentless we are about making the highest performance putters in the world. These new putters have combined the best selling, best feeling, most trusted insert ever with quicker roll technology. It all leads to innovations that push the industry forward and help golfers become better putters. And better putting makes for better golf. Fusion RX Insert: “To create the new insert, we coupled the White Hot insert with ultra thin stainless steel mesh,” explained Austie Rollinson, Odyssey’s principal designer. “This gives the golfer feel he loves with reduced skidding.” That’s right, we’ve taken the most legendary insert of all-time and combined it with stainless steel mesh and our patented Metal-X roll pattern. There are no compromises; it has faster roll than the White Hot insert, so it reduces skidding and gets the ball into a pure roll faster.

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All Radius Institute of Putting centres come fitted with state of the art Quintic Ball Roll Software. The centres will also have highly trained staff on hand to give expert advice on not only what the perfect Radius putter will be, but also any tips that may help. The Link with Quintic is key for us as we feel it’s the best system on the market and the only putter fitting system that actually measures what the ball is doing…

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Cure RX Series – Engineered to Perform

With the Highest MOI in the industry, plus a wide range of adjustability, the RX Series delivers superior performance, fit and feel that no other putter can offer! Based in science, our unique designs offer 5 Big Advantages that eliminate variables and deliver greater stability, more forgiveness, and a better roll for improved accuracy and a tighter putt dispersion.

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We make the Dotz. You make the Putts.

Golfdotz are a true original. British born entrepreneur David Poole had a career in top level motorsport before building a company around this unique technology. With a firm belief that golfers wanted more than a boring ink ‘dot’ to mark their ball, Golfdotz launched a prototype to great acclaim at the PGA show in 2008. R&A USGA conforming status was awarded in 2009, and PGA Tour player Rory Sabbatini was the first player to use golfdotz on tour.

Fast forward four years and Golfdotz are used on all major tours. With new styles being released on a regular basis, the Golfdotz collection is growing and golfers are saying goodbye to messy pens and stencils forever!

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ProStance is a revolutionary training aid developed by Dr Paul Hurrion, coach to Padraig Harrington and is used by over 70 Tour Professionals worldwide. Designed to improve your dynamic balance for powerful more accurate ball striking and smoother consistent putting strokes, ProStance is the base for every successful golf swing.

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SportsViz – Advanced Technology for Sport Analysis and Data Visualization.

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Evnroll was founded by Guerin Rife and Stephen Riley at the PGA show in 2015.

Guerin was in the early stages of testing and developing a technology that has the potential to revolutionize the game of golf…. a putter that eliminates miss-hits by broadening the sweet spot to create “The Sweetest Face in Golf.” The partnership combines 50 years of experience in all aspects of the golf industry, from marketing and tour representation to design, manufacture and distribution.

Guerin Rife, Company CEO and chief designer, has been creating putters for 25 years starting with the very first cavity mallet. Best known for creating the famous Two Bar putter, he has designed over 40 models that have been used to win over 100 tournaments worldwide on all professional tours. He is also the inventor of face groove technology and founded the original Rife Putter Company in 2000.

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We are the creators of the PATENTED Descending Loft TechnologyT. DLT works to launch the golf ball at a consistent angle which in turn leads to the most consistent distance control of any putter on the market. We have four flat surfaces that are milled into our putter face. Each plane descends in loft by 1° from the top of the face to the bottom of the face. When your shaft is pressed at impact the ball contact will be higher on the face, same is true in reverse. DLT delivers consistent launch angles from putt to putt which lead to more consistent and predictable rolls. Our putters are proven winners on the PGA Tour. SIK is used on TOUR because DLT helps players score. All putters are 100% CNC milled from 303 Stainless Steel bars.

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