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The camera never lies...

Humans have slow vision. The human eye can only separate a maximum of ten / twelve images per second. There are even some suggestions amongst scientists that events lasting less than 0.25 seconds cannot usually be seen clearly. Although coaches are irreplaceable in analysing athlete’s techniques, often the coach’s eye cannot extract all the necessary details in a live sporting situation.

Video cameras create the illusion of motion by ‘tricking’ the human eye. As an eye cannot separate still pictures, therefore we get the feeling of continuous movement. The use of a video camera is a very effective tool to help you improve sporting technique. Quintic video analysis software enables video capture up to 500 still frames per second (fps). At 100fps each still image is 10ms apart, capable of capturing even the fastest of human movement. In addition to just one video high-speed camera, Quintic has the capability of capturing SIX live camera angles in synchronisation, allowing for a more comprehensive view of the action. The ability to then view the six videos at once enables easy analysis and visual comparison.


More and more athletes, coaches, scientists are using video feedback as a coaching aid. Video can very quickly help athletes to understand the basic fundamentals of a specific movement. Providing athletes with immediate performance feedback via Quintic video software is a very powerful analysis tool… the images are used to assist coaches in their task, as the athlete’s performance can be repeated afterwards and slowed down during critical phases.

By comparing performances of previous movements, or even other athletes, the Quintic software enables you to compare video images via the computer screen. Differences between the techniques can be identified (competition vs. training) and this information made available immediately to the athlete. The coach and the athlete can discuss what they see and plan a strategy for improvement, then repeat the process.  How the feedback is presented to the athlete when using Quintic is highly dependent upon the skill of the coach or analyst.

Over the recent years the role that information technology has played in sport coaching has dramatically increased in a wide range of areas, including assisting in the delivery of performance feedback. Practice should be a rewarding experience; a video camera helps you make the most out of your time. When you watch yourself perform via the computer screen, the image is there before your eyes, instead of being just in your mind.

By studying your technique in depth, (frame-by-frame), you can start to build a picture of what you’re trying to achieve. Seeing an improvement can boost your confidence. Normally it’s difficult to correct a fault, even if you know what you should be doing. This is because you don’t see yourself in action. The slightest alteration to the technique will always feel uncomfortable to begin with. Negative thoughts and doubts can soon eat away at your performance. It is then you start drifting into old habits, simply because that’s what comes naturally. You have aged bad habits and before long you are back to square one. When the video or computer images are there in front of you, it’s much easier to set yourself back on the right lines. You can learn a great deal from studying your own technique on video. The benefits of video apply to all levels of performance – from the beginner to the Elite athlete, all you need is a video camera and Quintic software…

Remember the camera never lies…


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