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Quintic Software

Quintic software is fully supported by Microsoft Windows 10 & 11 operating systems (Parallels Desktop for Mac).
Quintic software is modular with each version assuming all characteristics of the previous level.
This table is a summary of the features of the different Quintic v35 Software Products.

  • Quintic Sports v35 – Our introductory level of software, which can be used with one Quintic camera or one of your own. It is perfect for quick and simple visual analysis that can be given directly to the athlete or client during the session.
  • Quintic Coaching v35 – Our intermediate level of software, which can be used with up to 6 Quintic cameras or some of your own. The 2 point digitisation provides the opportunity to perform both linear and angular analysis (angles to the Vertical and Horizontal only).
  • Quintic Biomechanics v35 – Our most comprehensive and popular level of software that can be used with up to 6 Quintic cameras or some of your own. You can perform up to 21 point digitisation using some of our pre-set templates or you can create your own. This software will allow you to perform in-depth analysis of any movement.
Features Biomechanics Coaching Sports Quintic Player
* Manual or Automatic digitisation (White on Black marker and Black on White Marker) of a self-made template of up to 21 points
** Display digitisation traces of up to 21 points directly on top of the video
** Animation window display of up to 21-point models - which can be viewed alongside the video to analyse the movement skeleton
* Advanced Tracking of up to 21 points - With and Without Learnt files
* Default learnt file - Option to choose a default learnt file, removing the need to select it each time.
** Single or multi video analysis (up to 21 trials) of up to 21 points - linear and angular displacements, velocities and accelerations throughout the digitised movement
* Purpose built compatibility with the Quintic Automatic Reports for Human Gait, Equine Gait, Cycling and Golf Putting analysis
** Centre of Mass Model - Single step, 2 step or 5 step 18 point models for continuous analysis of CoM throughout a digitised movement. Allows COM to be created by a click of a button without the need to create a new video.
** Calculation of an intersection angle throughout a digitised movement. Any two pairs of points can be intersected. Intersection created without the need to create a new video.
** Last Point Removal - The last trace point can be removed. This means that CoM and Intersection points can be removed from the digitised video.
* CSV file integration - allowing external measures such as force plate data to be manually synchronised with the video, to add an extra element to your analysis
* Multi CSV File Analysis - Allows the user to compare different CSV traces (up to 21 trials) on the same graph
** Multi Animation Window - Allows the user to show multiple animation traces on top of one another. Different traces can be overlaid in different colours. Users have the ability to change the colours within the 'Colours per Window' option.
** Comparison of up to 10 angles from the same video by displaying them on the same graph
** Users have the option to 'Flip AB Line' and/or 'Flip BC line' in Single/Multi Angular analysis windows. This gives more angle options to the user.
* Automatically synchronised recording of up to 6 Quintic High Speed Cameras directly via the software
Manual synchronisation and playback of up to 6 recorded videos which can all be viewed simultaneously for direct comparison
* Manual or Automatic digitisation (White on Black marker and Black on White Marker) of 1 or 2 points
* Intelligent digitisation using the 1 or 2 point generic template
* The option to show / un-show interpolated regions of a digitised trace on the video.
* Export Analysis - Allows the user to create a new video which includes all of the analysis that has been performed (Digitisation Traces, Shapes, Angles, Blends, Overlays etc). The user is able to export an audio memo alongside the video (external microphone required) as well as having the choice of exporting either the video, full screen (allowing analysis windows to be exported) or full window. Users are able to export video in either an AVI or MP4 video file format.
** Normative Average - Allows the user to select another folder from which the average will be created and displayed. Up to 100 digitised videos can be within the normative average folder to compare against.
** Similarity Value - Calculates how similar the averages are in comparison with each other (1st, 2nd, Normative) and gives a percentage. Displayed between each pair of averages (i.e 1st and 2nd, 1st and Normative, 2nd and Normative). The user also has the ability to select the range of the digitised trace in which the similarity is calculated.
** Single or multi video analysis (up to 21 trials) of 2 points - linear and angular (to the horizontal or vertical) displacements, velocities and accelerations throughout the digitised movement
** Live Angular Display on Video - Live on-video display from any of the 3 pie charts within Single Angular Analysis. Great for highlighting the angle in question and analysing how this changes throughout the video (To the Vertical/Horizontal in Coaching).
** 3 Pie Charts - 3 Pie chart displays are available in the single angular analysis window.
** Production of a second average within multi linear / angular analysis to allow direct comparison between two data sets
** Export all data from linear / angular analysis into Excel for further analysis. If an average excel is created, it states which trials are included within the average.
Quintic Timed licences - 12 month, 6 month and 3 month options available. Compatible with Windows 10 or 11 operating systems (including Windows Parallels on Mac)
* Recording of a single Quintic Camera directly via the software
Manual synchronisation and playback of up to 2 recorded videos which can be viewed simultaneously for direct comparison
* Single point manual or automatic digitisation
* Default Digitisation Template - Option to choose a default digitisation template, removing the need to select it each time. Ideal for clients who use the same digitisation template on a regular basis.
** Single video linear analysis of a single point, displaying distance, velocity and acceleration graphs throughout the digitised movement
** Default Analysis Window Settings - The option to set default analysis window settings (Single Linear only for Sports v35). Remembers your preferred analysis settings.
** Options to export the individual graphs (Distance, Velocity and Acceleration), 'All Graphs' or 'All Graphs and Sidebar' (Single Linear Analysis within Quintic Sports).
** Export all data from linear analysis graphs into an excel for further analysis
** Excel Export Options - Users are able to 'Save All Points', 'Save Selected Points', 'Save Region', 'Save Min/Max' or 'Only Frame Marker Rows' in all Analysis Windows (Single Linear in Sports).
** Ability to display a scale on the animation window for the digitisation trace
Ability to loop the video playback. This can be between two markers (either 10 plays through or unlimited looping)
** Live Data Table - Ability to show live data from the digitisation trace. The video can be stopped at frames of interest where values can easily be identified.
** Ability to show Min/Max points on the graph within the analysis windows. The options include: Display Min/and or Max only, Display Min and/or Max and value, Display Min and/or Max, X position and value. Min/Max can be displayed for the full trace or in a 'Focus Region'.
Video overlay allows 2 videos to be played on top of each other for direct movement comparison. Option to shift overlay videos left/right and up/down
Video blend allows a single video to be layered, by creating multiple background images while the video is played through in the foreground
Synchronise blends across all synchronised videos
Intersect angles, freehand angles, angles to the horizontal and angles to the vertical can be drawn directly on to the video and saved
Angles Table - ability to add frame numbers and show/hide individual angles on the video. Angles can be also be named with the option of saving the table as an image, text or excel file.
Stopwatch Table - the user is able to add stopwatch readings into a table. The readings can then be named, with the option of saving the table as an image, text or excel file.
Distance Table - The user is able to add distance measurements into a table. The measurements can then be named, with the option of saving the table as an image, text or excel file.
Ability to show and hide any distance/angle labels for drawings.
A wide range of drawing tools can be used to annotate the video for quick and simple analysis. These include straight, curved and freehand lines, shapes, crosshair and text
Video Display Font Size - Users are able to alter the size of the font when using the distance measurement and angular analysis.
Production of a simple photo sequence that can consist of up to 6 columns and 4 rows of images, taken directly from the video or animation window - perfect for client feedback or newsletters. Users can have the option to use Auto photo sequence which takes an image every Nth frame or Key frame Marker. Users have the option to save the photo sequence as either a JPEG (Smaller file - lower quality) or Bitmap (Larger File - Higher Quality).
** Butterworth filters for automatic data smoothing of all digitised points
* Trim videos to a desired length to remove excess footage or file size
* Video calibration allows measurement of real life distances within the calibrated plane. Drawn distances can be displayed in centimetres, metres, feet or inches irrespective of which unit was used at calibration.
* Custom Origin point
* Audio memo and memo pad allow audio and text notes to be saved alongside a video
Current frame / total frames of video readout
Current time / total time of video readout
Default Memo Pad - clients who want to use a consistent format for the information they record are able to set a default in the memo pad.
10 key frame markers allow you to bookmark key time points in the movement, which can then be used to aid further analysis. These markers can also be named. Frame markers added to synchronised videos are linked automatically.
Default Key Frame Marker Names - The option to set default marker names for video windows. Great if you are always identifying the same key frames - no need to re-type the names for each video.
Ability to minimise feature tabs to create more screen space for video
Full online text tutorials
Play, slow motion, loop and frame-by-frame advance
Zoom between 0.1x up to 3.0x magnification
Single frame image capture allows a video screenshot to be saved directly to an image file
Stop watch function allows you to quickly measure real time difference between two key frame markers
Compatibility with Windows 10 / 11 64 bit operating systems (including Windows Parallels on Mac)
Video rotation and flip of any compatible footage

* Not available in the 21-Day Free Trial Version of Quintic Software

** Functions can only be used/displayed whilst using your 21 day trial software, if you have opened a Quintic sample video. These are included in the download with the 21-day trial install shield. These videos have already been digitised for you, to allow you to view the analysis features within the Biomechanics, Coaching or Sports software. To use these functions with your own video files, you will require the fully licensed version.

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