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Quintic Sports

Quintic Sports v35


Our entry-level video analysis software designed specifically for providing rapid feedback to athletes and coaches. It includes the following features:

    • Record video footage directly from 1 Quintic High-Speed Camera
    • 1-point Manual & Automatic Digitisation – Measure Linear Displacements, Velocities & Accelerations
    • Interactive graphical and data displays (Single Linear Only)
    • 1 Point Animation display
    • Split Screen and Synchronised video
    • Memo pad, zoom, lines, angles and other alignment guides can all be used to analyse patterns and differences in athletic movement
    • Measure Time and Distance using key frame markers
    • Video Overlay / Blend – Place 2 videos on top of each other for direct comparisons and create multi-image background sequences
    • Create a Photo Sequence of up to 24 still frames (bitmap/ Jpgs)
    • Record audio commentary onto videos.
    • Video trim function.
    • Video rotation and flip function
    • Increased Video Format Compatibility with the latest digital cameras – (iPhone / iPad *.avi, *.mov, *.mpeg,*.wmv,*mp4,*flv, *swf, *.m4v … )
    • Printable Tutorials and Quintic Start Guides
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