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Quintic Downloads

Quintic v35 Video Analysis Software - Free 21 Day Trial

Windows 10 & 11 (including Parallels Desktop for Mac).

  • To request your Free 21 Day Trial please click on the button to the right – ‘FREE 21-Day Trial’ You will need to select the level of software you wish to trial and click the ‘Request Quintic 21 Day Trial’ button below. Please also enter your details.
  • Quintic v35 software systems are modular with each version assuming the characteristics of the last. The three levels of software are: Sports, Coaching & Biomechanics. Further details on these products can be found at Quintic Software
  • Step-by-step guide on how to utilise every function within each level of Quintic Software can be found by visiting the Tutorial Pages (Text & Video).

FREE Quintic Player

Windows 10 & 11 (including Parallels Desktop for Mac)

  • Click on the Quintic player button to download Quintic Player Install Shield.exe
  • Simply save it as a new file on your computer.
  • Double click on the Quintic Player Setup.exe file to run the install programme.
  • Once Installed, left click on the desktop Quinticicon
  • Open a video file by clicking on the ‘File Open’ button (Yellow Folder – top left).
  • Open a video via the new URL (Uniform Resource Locator) Feature… this enables you to stream videos from a web server for instant use and data storage.
  • You will NOT require a ‘Security Code’ with this FREE download.

Quintic Quick User Guide

  • Click on the Tutorial button to download the Quintic Quick User Guide. (.pdf Document)
  • Quick, step-by-step overview on how to utilise every function within the Quintic Software.
  • Quintic Sports, Coaching & Biomechanics

Quintic Tutorials

  • Click on the Tutorial button to download the Quintic Tutorials
  • Step-by-step guide on how to utilise every function within each level of Quintic Software including Quintic Sports, Coaching & Biomechanics.

Quintic Sample Videos

  • There are a number of different Quintic sample videos to select from below: 50 frames per second (fps) / 100fps / 210fps / 300fps and even a selection of high-speed videos (from 500fps up to 17,500fps) recorded from consultancy work undertaken here at Quintic.
  • There are example videos from Quintic Sports, Coaching & Biomechanics, Export avi, ‘Auto Tracking’ and high-speed 100fps, 200fps & 300fps.
  • View videos in your Quintic Software (Sports / Coaching / Biomechanics)
  • Click on the button below to download the Quintic Sample Videos in Quintic Software.

Quintic System Tools Video Codecs

  • Video clips use many different Codec Software Utility Programs to compress and decompress the video file.
  • If your computer does not have the correct Codec program loaded and running then the video file will not run.
  • Quintic free Downloads for various common Codec Programs.

Quintic Troubleshooting

See Quintic – Troubleshooting for:

  • Analysis of a video clip to show which Codec it contains…
  • Administrator & other User Accounts – installing QuinticSoftware
  • Missing or dropped frames during capture
  • Disabling a WebCam
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