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Quintic v29 Tutorials

Welcome to the Quintic Tutorials v29 download page which provides:

  • The step-by-step Quintic Tutorials that take you through every function in the Quintic Biomechanics, Coaching or Sports programs
  • The Quintic Videos that you will need when using the Tutorials.

These Tutorials are applicable to Quintic’s Version 29 software.
Quintic makes it easy for clients by retaining the same appearance and mode of operation with new Versions. Progress inevitably means earlier Versions will have some different features and if you require assistance please Contact Us.

  • To read a Tutorial – click on the adjacent “Q” Quintic logo – then click Open.
  • To save a Tutorial (recommended) to your computer – click on the adjacent “Q” Quintic logo – then click Save and choose a file location.
  • You will NOT require a ‘Security Code’ with these downloads.
  • A ‘Quick Start Guide’ is also available to download. Please click here to download : Quintic Quick User Guide.

Quintic Tutorial v29



1. Getting Started
  • Open a video file
  • Play at different speeds
  • Play frame-by-frame
  • Zoom
  • Memo Pad / Audio Memo
  • Quintic CD Burn
  • Quintic Instant Email
  • Quintic URL – Streaming an internet video
2. Make a Mark
  • Markers & Stopwatch
  • Shapes & Drawing Tools
  • Angles – Vertical & Horizontal
  • Calibrate and measuring linear distance
  • Floating Tool Bars
3. Take a Picture
  • Photo Snapshot
  • Photo Sequence (up to 18 images)
  • Export Analysis
4. Synchronisation
  • Viewing Modes
  • Video Synchronisation
  • Blend frames of a video
  • Overlay two synchronised videos
5. Video Codec Set-up


  • Video Codec Set-up
  • Install Quintic Recommended Codecs
  • Microsoft Windows


6. Quintic Editor


  • Editing a Video
  • Saving a Video
  • Trimming a Video
  • Video Filters


7a. High-Speed Video Capture


  • Set-up
  • Single Camera Capture
  • Multi Camera Capture


7b. High-Speed Camera Set-up


  • USB Camera Installation & Set-up
  • GigE Camera Installation & Set-up
  • Single GigE High Speed Camera Configuration
  • Multi GigE High-Speed Camera Configuration
  • Infrared (IR) LED Ring Light Set-up


7c. High-Speed Video Capture


  • Quintic Single High-Speed Capture
  • Quintic Multi High-Speed Capture


7d. Quintic High-Speed LIVE USB3 1.3MP / 4MP  Camera Capture


  • Camera Setup
  • Camera Parameters
  • Capturing a Video
  • Creating Bespoke Cam Files
  • 1.3MP Only
  • Infrared LED Ring Light Set-up
7e. Camera Hardware Troubleshooting


  • Video Capture Fundamentals
  • Initial Set-Up
  • Focus
  • Camera Settings
  • Lighting
  • Joint Markers
  • Contrasting Markers
  • Calibration


8a. Manual Digitisation


  • Calibration
  • Create Digitisation Templates
  • Manual Digitisation


8b. Automatic Digitisation
  • Automatic Digitisation
  • Manual tracking
  • Interpolation
  • Digitisation Trace Review
  • Editing a Trace
  • Butterworth Filters & Residual Analysis
8c. Intelligent Digitisation
  • Intelligent Digitisation
  • Frame Templates
  • Digitisation Trace Review
9a. Digitisation Analysis


  • Viewing a trace
  • Animation Window
  • Single Video Linear Analysis
  • Single Video Angular Analysis
  • Multi Video Linear Analysis
  • Multi Video Angular Analysis
  • Centre of Mass Models (Male & Female)
  • Intersection Models


9b. Multi Trial Analysis
  • Comparing Two sets of Data
  • Averages / CI / PI
  • Markers to define specific events
10. Quintic CSV Synchronisation


  • Quintic CSV Synchronisation (Biomechanics v29 only)
  • In the Quintic Biomechanics v29 software you can synchronise data from an external piece of hardware using the new CSV sync function. This function is flexible to allow synchronisation from any hardware that can export to a .CSV file.
  • Examples include:
    · Pressure plates
    · Force plates
    · EMG systems
    · Cycling power cranks
    · Pressure insoles
    · And much more…


11. Quintic Automatic Reports


Create detailed Automatic PDF detailed reports using the data produced from Quintic Biomechanics software.

  • Gait : (Treadmill or Overground Analysis)
  • Cycling : (Bike Fitting / Biomechanical Analysis)
  • Equine Gait : (Walking / Trotting)
  • Golf Putting : (Indoors / Outdoors)
Appendices v29
  • Camera Guidelines
  • Troubleshooting
  • System Requirements
  • Glossary of terms
  • Quintic Sports Science
  • Conversion Charts
  • Anatomical Movements
  • Digitisation Templates
  • Digitisation Model
  • Quintic Analysis (Linear & Angular)
  • Butterworth Filters
  • Uninstall Procedure
Tutorial Answer Sheet

Answers to all the Quintic v29 Tutorials… don’t cheat!

Video Downloads v29

To download the video files click on the folder logo below. Save it as a new file in ‘Quintic Sample Videos’.
Unzip the .zip file using WinZip or an equivalent alternative.

You will NOT require a ‘Security Code’ with these downloads.


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