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Quintic Player v35

The Quintic Player v35 is a free software program that allows users to view the majority of video file formats. The program can be easily emailed to clients or pupils to allow them to view any videos that you may have captured via Quintic together with any saved analysis (Export Avi function / Audio Memo) video files distributed with Quintic Player are ideal for Coaching instruction; Reminders; Remedial routines; information; Conferencing; Records…

  • Frame by frame advance, slow motion (both forwards and backwards) & Full Speed
  • Maximise window, option to resize the window
  • Zoom in and out of the video
  • Text and audio memo stopwatch and ten key frame marker functions
  • Flip, rotate icons to best display your videos
  • It is possible to set the Quintic Player as your default player on your computer
  • Increased Video Format Compatibility with the latest digital cameras: iPhone 7 / iPad,*.avi, *.mov ,*mpeg,*.wmv,*mp4,*vob,*flv,…….
  • Windows 10 & 11 operating systems (including Parallels Desktop for Mac).


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