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Quintic Biomechanics

Quintic Biomechanics v35


Quintic Biomechanics is our premier video analysis software, designed for the elite coach, athlete, sports scientist, podiatrist, physiotherapist and biomechanist. It includes all the functionality of Quintic Coaching plus:

  • The Intelligent tracking of markers:  1, 2 and 3 point intelligent digitisation, along with the templates used for Quintic Automatic Reports  (Gait, Cycling, Equine and Golf Putting). The Intelligent tracking will automatic determine where the markers are at the start of the video, and then automatically interpolate the missing gaps. This will vastly reduce the processing time required for the digitisation process for videos where the markers regularly go out the field of view. The intelligent tracking software also allows the user greater flexibility in setting the parameters for the digitisation (e.g. masking reflections in the background, specifying the search area for the digitisation, setting the radius of the markers and setting the brightness of the markers).
  • 21-point 2D Manual, Automatic & Advanced Digitisation – Measure Linear & Angular Displacements, Velocities & Accelerations.
  • Multiple angled analysis for a single video: plot 10 different angles on the same graph.
  • Users have the ability to flip AB line or BC line to give more angle options to the user.
  • Multi Animation Window – Allows the user to show multiple animation traces on top of one another. Different traces can be overlaid in different colours.
  • Centre of Mass Model -18-point anatomical model (Male & Female models)
  • Intersection Angle – Any two pairs of points can be intersected. Intersection created without the need to create a new video.
  • Last Point Removal – The last digitisation point can be removed from the video. Allows for easy removal of the CoM / Intersection Points.
  • CSV File Synchronisation – Allows other biomechanical equipment to be manually synchronised with the video, providing the equipment is able to produce a CSV file. Examples include: Force Plates, Pressure Plates, EMG systems etc.
  • Multi CSV File Analysis – Allows the user to compare up to 21 different CSV traces on the same graph.
  • Quintic Biomechanics exported data can then be used in bolt on Quintic Automatic Reports – Cycling, Equine, Golf Putting & Gait Analysis…
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